14 July 2011

Challenge: an exercise in self acceptance

OK, so @chibijeebs tweeted this challenge, which she accepted on her blog.  I have accepted her challenge.  I was going to do this tomorrow, but after my better half's drama with his idiot kid and his asshole employee, I needed to do something constructive.  All that drama was making me stabby, and @chibijeebs most decidedly does NOT make me stabby.

The challenge was to think of five great things about my body.  FIVE.  Five 100% positive things I love about my body.

OK, here goes:

1.  I really like my arms.  They're pretty good.  They don't always fit in shirt sleeves, and that's OK with me.  I like them.  They're stronger than they look.

2.  I like my butt.  It looks good in pants.

3.  I like my rack.  It looks good in sweaters.

4.  I like my eyes.  They are a pretty clear shade of light blue.

5.  I like my cheekbones.

For overachievers, five non-physical traits that I like about me:

1.  Loyal.

2.  Empathetic.

3.  Book smarts.

4.  I laugh quite a lot.

5.  I love completely.  I will walk through hell for you.

Next came five non-physical things to change to feel better about myself:

1.  I will practice more tolerance and acceptance.

2.  write more often.

3.  I will try and find the motivation to exercise, because it would do my back and neck pains a world of good.

4.  Try and do more "stuff" for others without expecting anything in return.

5.  Get more involved with other human beings, because they matter.

Wow, that wasn't as easy as it may look.

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  1. I *love* that you did this! Especially since it wasn't super-easy. So proud of you, lady!