22 July 2011


I would be writing about how much I hate driving today, except I want to include pictures or something when I do that, and that's just too much effort when all I have is my POS (piece o' shit) Crackberry.

My laptop took a shit last night. I got the blue screen of death, which has been happening far too frequently lately--like anytime a video appears in my web browser. After that happened, I couldn't get the damn thing to reconnect to the neighborhood wifi, and I know the wifi was working because other people were using it.

I'm feeling so lost without the ability to truly hit teh internetz.

What about my Crackberry, you ask? you can't seriously expect me to do web surfing from this POS. It is slow, and only a small part of that is because my signal strength is shit. I want an Atrix. Dual core 1G processors. In a phone. A phone that is running an OS that is relevant (android). A phone that has a browser that WORKS with teh internetz (firefox). A phone that comes with "talk to text" built in. A phone that FUNCTIONS in my life.

Hell, even Mr. Sunshine, the technologically resistant one, has a phone that would FUNCTION in my life. That is just sad. Pathetic. Unjustifiable.

I'm thinking that it is time to go buy a damned computer and a phone.
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