20 July 2011

I really should be studying statistics...

I don't know what on earth possessed me to think that it was a good idea to take this statistics class in a 4 week period.  It is the full monty, the full 3 hours of credit statistics class for business students.  Except that it all happens in 4 weeks.  I must be fucking crazy.

(OK, so admittedly, I am crazy. That's beside the point.)

I should also be studying accounting, because I skipped accounting today to go to the math lab and study statistics.  Since I have studied neither this week, I am probably screwed tomorrow when I sit down to an exam in each class.

I really feel like my head is going to explode.  I really need to start taking my iron pills again.  It can't be that exhausting to go to school, can it? Yet I am tired. Tired beyond words.

Maybe it is also the drive.  I mean, I only drive 100 miles round trip each day to go to school. Because somebody (not me) wants to live in the woods of East Texas. I will say that it is beautifully quiet out here.  Too quiet for a girl who grew up in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

I digress.  I really should be studying statistics.  And accounting.

And yet, every time I think "need to study" my thought process goes a little like Aunt Becky's when she is dealing with recycling bins.  Which is to say that I sound like a pinball machine on crack. With an electrical short.

I give up.  If I'm not going to STUDY, I should at least go make up that professor approved "cheat sheet" to use for the statistics exam.

Wish me luck, it's gonna be brutal.

1 comment:

  1. wishing you LUCK!

    And those synapses (or something like that) firing in all directions. Sparks, but not the pretty kind. Kind of like when I took a basic (like, 0 level, not even 100 level) computer programming course ... really, really not pretty. And the stats course was bad too.

    Use that cheat sheet. Good luck!