03 August 2011

Cleaning out the closet

I do this every now and then. If I didn't have this habit of shopping so frequently, I wouldn't need to clean out the closet so damned often. As my sponsor points out to me, shopping is just another fix. I'm OK with that to a certain extent, because I find less negative consequences associated with the shopping than I got from the dope (and all the bullshit that came with the dope).

I cleaned out my closet about this time last year. I wound up with a trunk literally filled with clothes and shoes. I drove my happy ass from the swamps of East Texas down to Baton Rouge to meet with my sponsor to go over the written part of step 6 (which is a continuation of the closet cleaning begun in step 4) and took that trunk full of clothes and shoes to my grandsponsor, who is roughly the same size as me except a few inches shorter. The drive down took me one full tank of gas. The return trip only took 3/4 of a tank of gas. That should tell you how much weight was in the trunk of my car in the form of clothes and shoes. It took 3 people to empty my trunk.

I can't help myself. There is just something about going into the consignment shop and finding brand-new, never-been-worn Ferragamo loafers for $7 that gives me a buzz. Or Bruno Maglis in like new condition for $4. Don't even get me started about Yoox or BeyondtheRack or any of those other wonderful fixes out there.

It's not like I can actually afford to pay retail for the labels I wear. I am a broke ass college student. And don't give me shit about my shopping habit being the reason I am broke. I don't think $7 for a pair of Ferragamos is going to break me any worse than I am broken.

Besides, it's not like Mr. Sunshine says I have to work. Seriously? yes, seriously. He would support me while I go to school if I let him. Since we moved to the other side of buttfuckegypt, I have had to swallow my pride and accept his help with my gas money to get to school once financial aid runs out and I am only relying on paychecks to get by. Which means that there has been a whole lot less shopping going on.

Which leaves me with no great need to clean out the closet as frequently.

I don't know how much I am going to be able to take to my grandsponsor when she comes to the ArkLaTex for that spiritual retreat in October. However, what I do offer will be good stuff. Because I know how to shop so that I get star-powered labels for less than WalMart prices.

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