13 August 2011

Hazards of living in a magic bus, because shit stinks

It's been a brutal summer. And it isn't over yet. We sit here and bake under the blazing Texas sun day after day. And once a week, I must give the magic bus its round of colonic cleansing, because the smell is unbearable. Between the dog's offerings in the yard and our deposits in the black water holding tank, it's a pretty shitty aroma. Add in all of the other RV black water holding tanks in the park and you have a veritable miasma of shit vapors.

You would think that it couldn't get much worse unless someone's holding tank ran over or exploded or something. You would be wrong.

Today, I made a discovery. Putting bleach in the black water holding tank creates these visible fumes that rise up out of the toilet. I'm guessing it has something to do with combining bleach and ammonia and methane gas.

Yeah, I need a gas mask.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, toots. You've gotta be careful with cleaning a tank. I know a woman who's voice-box was burned to a rasp when her landlord mixed the wrong things in the suite below. I've personally lived in fear ever since.

    At home chemistry. Fun, but not for the family.