18 September 2011

Momentary relief from the threat of wildfires

Friday, I noticed that the air and skies were clear, but I was afraid to hope. For what feels like an eternity, every time I got in the car, there was smoke--either giant plumes of it on the horizon or low-lying blankets of it we had to drive through.

Friday, there was no smoke. Saturday, there was no smoke.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night to the unfamiliar sound of rain. It was a light rain that only wet the exposed ground. The dirt under the cars and RVs here was still oh-so-dry. But it was rain.

I'll take it.

It looks like we'll get more tonight.  And there's a decent chance it will continue into tomorrow morning.

It won't be enough to end the drought, it won't be enough to refill the lake, it won't put and end to the threat of wildfires as we head into Texas ' peak fire season.

But it is beautiful, much needed rain, and for that,  I'm grateful.

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  1. Hallefreakinglujah, a step in the right direction. Send more rain, please.