12 October 2011

I used to think guns were sexy until I found out there was physics involved

Guns are sexy.

If you don't agree, I apologize, and hope I don't offend.

But to me, guns are sexy.

Hey, I'm from the dirty south. Forgive my redneck tendencies. I am awfully liberal for a pro-gun girl. I'm just a pro-gun liberal.

I don't believe that just anybody should be allowed to have a gun. I'm not all "guns for everybody" and shit. Look at Mexico, or Gifford in Arizona. Guns are cool, when treated safely, with respect.

So I always thought guns were sexy.

Until tonight, when my Mr. Sunshine asked me for help finding information about reloads for his hunting obsession.

Y'all, there's physics involved. Physics is applied mathz. Math is hard, y'all. I struggle so hard with math.

And he has me trying to help with the mathz of reloads.

He is so screwed.

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