18 October 2011

Sweater weather

Ok, so I think it's safe to say that we all know what Texas has been through this summer. Record-setting heat, record-setting drought, record-breaking wildfires, yadda yadda blah blah. So much excitement that it's become boring in its monotonous onslaught.

It has been so hard to figure out what to wear. It's pretty much been too miserable for clothes, even when they are made of lightweight, breathable, natural fibers. As for the foundation of any stylish wardrobe, jackets (or other completer pieces like cardigans), well you can kiss my ass. It. Is. Just. Too. Hot.

Until this morning. A cold front moved in last night, bringing rain (good) and wind (bad). So our wildfire danger is off the charts again, because the rain was nowhere near enough.

I shall be wearing a sweater today. Or a jacket. Or something designed to protect the body from the elements. Something that involves leather, or cashmere, my two favorite cold-weather fabrics.

I get it that this is a temporary condition. We're looking at highs of 80+ in our ten-day forecast, and very little rain before 2020. We are looking at more of those haboobs, we are looking at dust-bowl-lie dust storms, we are looking at more of the monotonous onslaught of extreme weather. I know this shit to be true.

Just let me try and enjoy this sweater weather while it lasts.

And for your visual stimulation for the day, I give you Mollie, in her sweater (which she doesn't mind a bit), and her socks (which she hates).


  1. Molly is freakin' adorable, and I love leather (wore my guy's jacket today and roasted) and cashmere too but mostly wear (yawn) cotton. Black cotton.

    I need a consultant.

  2. My biggest dream in life is to get socks on my cat and enjoy the ensuing hijinks. And I'm not even kidding. Sad.

  3. Karen, try silk. It is a great insulating layer. Joules, I want to see video of the socks on the cat. I'm not kidding either.

  4. Me too! Cats sometimes deserve to be messed with. Or at least we deserve to see it.