25 November 2011

Black friday madness

I refuse to shop today. I refuse to buy anything today. I mean, where would I put it? It's not like I have an abundance of storage in the magic bus, you know.

Besides, most of my shopping is done. My mom, sister, & I agreed that we are not buying gifts for each other this year. Everybody's kind of broke. We did decide that what we would do, if Mr. Sunshine & I can make it happen, is to have a meal together and hang out. That's what my holidays have been about since I got clean. The presents are nice, but the greatest gift is that I have a relationship with my mom and sister that does not consist of angry words and loud voices. So if we can scrape together some funds for a trip, Sunshine, Mollie, and I are going to spend a couple days with my mom and sister. Because family is awesome, whether it's my nuclear family, my N.A. family, or my Band family. No presents can top the feelings I get from being loved.

Which leaves me with just my Mr. Sunshine and Mollie to buy for. Sunshine and I agreed last year that we would just get each other one present for Christmas, and then get stocking stuffers for each other. His "big" present has been purchased, and I don't think it's going to matter when I buy the stocking stuffers because iTunes cards never go on sale. Nor does any of the rest of the shit I want to get him.
Which leaves me with my Mollie. Believe it or not, I got her a stupid amount of stuff and spent hardly any money at all. I got my puppy her own "luggage", a travel bag complete with food bowl and water bottle, for under $10 at Ross Dress for Less. She also got a sweater, some shoes, and a toy from there. If you have a pet and want to make sure Santa Paws brings him/her something, go check their small but well-priced selection of pet stuff. I rounded out the puppy's stocking (yes, my dog will be getting a stocking stuffed with goodies) at the Dollar General and WalMart. Both stores have $1 squeak-toys, and I promise you that my puppy doesn't know (or care) whether the toys she destroys cost $1 each or $10 each. She destroys both varieties equally fast. She will also probably be more interested in shredding the wrapping paper than in playing with her new luggage or sweater, which I promise to document with pictures for you.

So no shopping for me on black Friday this year. Which is a relief. I've only ever done black friday madness exactly twice. Once before I got clean, when a large, very intimidating looking (and oh-so-sexy) male friend of mine wanted to buy a certain Care Bear for his little daughter, I allowed myself to be persuaded to fight the throngs of crazy-ass women for the particular bear his little girl wanted. He was right to have me do it. Those crazy ass women would have taken one look at this 6'2" man with shaved head, tattoos, and piercings, and they would have promptly screamed "rape" or "assault" or something to have him arrested so he couldn't get the Care Bears they wanted. I, however, could get away with pushing my way through these crazed women, grabbing the correct bear, and elbowing my way out like a running back fighting off defenders as I made my way to the goal line. Touchdown! Well played, coach.

The second time, it was for my Sunshine. He wanted a particular digital camera/photo printer combo that was stupid cheap at WalMart on black Friday. I stood in line with his company's debit card while he walked outside to smoke every 15 minutes. He cannot tolerate crowds. There's a lot he can't tolerate, now that I think about it. Oh well, never mind. The point is, I did it for him and he was grateful. It cost him a very nice, and quite spendy, brunch that weekend.

This black friday, I'm going toset figure out how to anchor my christmas tree so it doesn't blow over in the wind. Yes, my christmas tree is outside. It's not like there is room for a tree inside the magic bus, now is it?

Wherever you are today, whatever you do, stay safe, stay warm, and stay out of jail. Black friday madness is fucking insane.

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  1. Word. I am so grateful to not have to participate at all in the madness of today. I am all about the people over presents and my kid and I are lucky enough to have scored some cheap ass tickets to Texas to see the fam.
    Also? Michael's has itunes cards on sale $25 for $30 worth. Through the 26th or the 28th, I think. I already got mine:)