16 November 2011

My soundtrack for driving it like I stole it

Imagine, if you will, the most frenzied and gruesome murder scene you've ever seen in a movie. Now imagine that scene set to operatic music. The juxtaposition of the horror of frenzied killing against the soaring passion of operatic vocals makes the murder scene that much more awful.

This morning, as I was making my dreaded hour drive to school, I decided that the usual soundtrack of loud, raging music was just boring. So I switched it up and set the iPod to Il Divo.

(Note from the stagehand in me: their studio engineer is good. The male vocals, even through the shittiness of compressed audio, is so full that it never ceases to amaze me.)

So, here I am, driving it like I stole it, almost enjoying my drive, when some dumbass female suddenly changes lanes in front of me, almost taking the front end off of my little car. Now, if this fucking idiot had not decided to go 65 in a 70 while there were cars in the next lane and 90 when there weren't, I would not have experienced road rage this morning.

My road rage was frighteningly delightful set to the aural orgasm that is Il Divo.

This bitch made the mistake of leaving me just enough room to get around her. See, I know my little car well. I know EXACTLY where that car will fit at 100 miles per hour. At 100 mph, I can fit my car into spaces where most people would be afraid to stick a bicycle while standing still. Which is pretty much what I proceeded to do.

No, I didn't kill anybody on my way to school.

Adrenaline fueled road rage+Il Divo=a beautiful morning.

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