24 January 2012

I'm just not that into school

It's my last semester of my bachelor's degree. Finally!

When I first started school, I was still a hot damn mess, with just over a year in recovery. In typical newcomer fashion, I was planning to be stellar overachiever.

For two semesters, I was. Straight As. Then I missed one day of summer history class and got a B. Rather than let it crush me, I quickly reached that point of "fuck it, just get me through this with at least a C".

Now, I'm all "fuck it. Just let me get through it with a D".

I only NEED one of my classes for my degree. The rest are just filler, to keep me full time.

I struggle every morning, trying to find the motivation to get up and go to school. Once I get there, I struggle to stay awake.

I don't necessarily WANT to enter the work force; yet I am so sick of all these random classes that I could scream.

So today, I'm off to school. To enjoy the Spanish equivalent of Shakespeare. Also, to learn more about fracking.

1 comment:

  1. I had Senioritis my last term, too. It was so hard to get past it. I feel ya, sweets.