17 January 2012

It's the little things, y'all

The little things in life mean the most. Like which way the toilet paper comes off the roll; whether you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the end.

It's the little shit that makes me the angriest. Like when Sunshine insists on driving my car to the meeting, but doesn't want me to drive. To add insult to injury, I always spend the first half of the trip listening to him bitch about how the way I set my mirrors doesn't work for him. So he adjusts them. He also adjusts the seat. This would be acceptable behavior if the put everything back the way he found it when he is done driving my car.

It gets better. Apparently, he doesn't understand how to properly use my ashtray. It is one of those cup-holder jobs, shaped like a drink cup, with a lid that has a hole in it for you to drop the cigarette through. He smashes the cigarettes out in the lid and leaves them there, along with cough drop and cigarette wrappers.

I don't bitch about the way he sets shit in his truck. I don't change shit in his truck without resetting it when I exit the truck.

The absolute fucking ego involved with his bitching about the way I set MY mirrors in MY car that I paid for with MY fucking money enrages me.

I am tired of trying to explain to him why he is WRONG for this shit. I am now plotting my revenge. Hopefully, it teaches him a lesson. If not, at least I'll get revenge.


  1. Yes. I know this outrage.

    I can't wait to here how you exact your revenge. And what his reaction will be. Hopefully it extracts change, but he is male. (le sigh)

  2. I can't help but snicker. What a piece of work. :)

  3. I know this outrage well. I also have a large truck :)