31 January 2012

Let's talk about the weather. Because it's pissing me off.

Predicted high temperature of 74 degrees today. It's the last day of January, for fuck's sake.

What the fuck happened to winter?

I suppose I should be grateful that it isn't stupid cold like last year, when the fucking lake turned into a giant fucking icee. And I am.

I just don't get this fucking 74 degree shit in January. After the brutality of last summer's heat, I was kind of looking forward to a break from "oh mah gawd it's stupid hot". I was looking forward to wearing cashmere.

If it is 74 degrees in fucking January, I don't know if I want to be here this summer. 3 fucking air conditioners couldn't keep up last summer. What the fuck am I going to do this year?

It is January and I am wearing summer weight pants and spring weight tops. My cashmere is going to be moth-eaten before it gets cold enough to wear it.

People, this is what we have done to our planet with all our oversized SUVs and frequent-flier miles. This is what "drill, baby, drill!" has done to our home.

74 degrees in January,  NORTH OF THE EQUATOR.

What the fuck?

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  1. I know you're not feeling it, but I'm coming in March and please be to the good lawd in heaven let it be at least that warm and sunny.
    Also, meetup in Dallas?