28 January 2012

What the fuck happened to winter?

So here in the swamp, it's been a mild winter. Well, mostly. We had a few 23 degree nights back in december.

January last year saw the lake turn to half frozen slush.

This January?  We are experiencing 70 degree days.

If this is our January, I dread our summer. Last summer was fucking brutal, with temps regularly reaching 112 in the shade.

Upper 60s this week, even as high as 77 this coming Wednesday,  what the fuck? What the fuck happened to winter?

1 comment:

  1. I worry so much about the weird weather. We didn't get anywhere close to cold till January of this year, which is just wrong. But I think it is about 20 years since I notice the change, so I wonder when most people will take action?

    (I sold my car and don't fly like I used to because I think we have to make changes ... otherwise the world will change for us. Yikes!)