16 February 2012

Feeling sorry for myself

Yes. Me. Feeling sorry for myself.

I'm betting there's something wrong with me physically that is contributing to the way I feel this afternoon. I've been tired as fuck lately. No energy.

So that probably explains why I almost burst into tears in the poptart aisle at the grocery store.

I mean, really? Just ridiculous.

Does it suck that I can't eat foods containing citric acid? Duh. Of course it does.

But usually, it doesn't make me feel sorry for myself.

Today, I just wanted to cry because I am so sick to death of chocolate poptarts that I could fucking scream.

I am so sick of not being able to eat all this stuff because it has citric acid in it.

I think I need to start taking my iron supplements again. I'm not usually such a crybaby.


  1. Citric acid can suck my ass. Hate that guy.

    1. I'm not usually such a tittie-baby, but yeah, today I hate that shit.