11 February 2012

Satrday style.

OK, Joules, this is where I show you how I'd wear these seemingly random pieces that I have hauled in lately.

I'll start with today's outfit (which I am not wearing yet because housework and white pants don't mix).
I'll start with the pink cashmere turtleneck I got a couple weeks ago.
Add a winter white Malandrino wide leg trouser. You can't see it from this stock shot I borrowed from Yoox (where I bought these pants), but these are a very high-waisted trouser. I'd call them a very style-ized version of a high-waisted-wide-leg trouser.

Now, we get to start to have fun with the outfit. This is where we take it and make it my own. Shoes and accessories!

Option 1:

add a grey wool peacoat for warmth, bam. Outfit complete. Simple, with little pops of "wow" in the bootie and the peacock-themed jewelry.

Option 2:
add a creamy suede jacket for warmth, bam. outfit complete. Charm jewelry that's in keeping with the classic, quiet nature of the shoe.

Option 3:
Add a pewter metallic leather bomber jacket with faux fur collar, bam.
Edgy take on the outfit.

Option 4:
Dana Buchman jacket with
upside down blush colored patent leather point toes
and a simple necklace. Very festive, a little bit southern belle.

As I am still doing my chores and stuffz, I haven't decided which option I'll choose. Stay tuned. I promise I won't keep you hanging all night.


  1. Those pants are B-A-N-A-N-A-S. So beautiful. I have a pair of green L.A.M.B wide legged pants that I have never worn. I've had them for at least five years. And if I don't get to the gym I'll never be able to wear them. So sad.
    I am loving the peacock accessories. Can't wait to see which one you choose.

    1. Isn't L.A.M.B. that Gwen Stafani line that offers affordable clothes, with jeans that only cost $600 and blouses that only cost $400? bwahahahaha