05 February 2012

Sometimes, it's the weirdest stuff

Yesterday, Sunshine and I did some demolition inside the magic bus. We tore out some ugly and made the space a little nicer.

Then we got a wild urge to go look at sofas. Because that ugly ass sofa in my magic bus has become the bane of my existence. Also, it's horrifically uncomfortable.

We picked out and paid for a sofa last night. He picks it up tomorrow.

This sofa has me more excited than new shoes, and y'all know I love me some new shoes.

Why this sofa has me so happy is beyond me. Something about buying a sofa together makes me feel more like Sunshine and I are a forever-and-ever couple than buying a home together did.

Go figure.

Tomorrow, I promise to post pictures.


  1. A sofa is a big thing!! Unlike a house, it moves with you. Can't wait to see pics!

  2. My house is a bus, so it moves with me. Which is why the ugly HAD TO GO!