07 March 2012

Some days, I wonder about myself

I've known for weeks now that I needed to get a birthday card for my mother and get it in the mail.

Today is her birthday and she got no card from me.

What is wrong with me that I can't remember to do even the simplest of things?

Now, I have to find the most spectacular, ridiculous card and mail it late.

What I really need is one of those ginormous cards that measures like 1.5'X2', with a unicorn farting rainbows on the outside and a glitter cannon on the inside. Also, it needs to sing to her. Anybody know where I can find such a thing?


  1. The great thing about mom's is that they love anything their kids get them, no matter how old we are, or how late it gets there.

    1. yeah, my mom's pretty awesome like that, she's all "I just want my card. On time." bwahahaha