30 April 2012

Is it really only 10 AM?

It's been two weeks of interesting. And it's been exhausting.

I crashed my car, interviewed for a job, and helped my neighbors move.

The car survived, mostly. I did too. Muscle injuries, which is nothing new for me. Stagehands have scars in their muscles, they see so many of those injuries.

I got offered the job pending the results of a background check. I warned them the background check was, um, a fascinating read; I was told that if it was no more than the types of charges I told them about I'd be ok. So, waiting.

The neighbors moved. I helped. 54 days of clearing the filth out of the house they bought and 1 day of moving their stuff in. I was paid in designer clothes, bought at Clotheshorse Anonymous (great little consignment shop in Dallas). Stunning Halston silk one-shoulder top (new with tags) being the big prize for the day.

I am tired y'all. I'm off to go krogering.


  1. Ooooooooh Miss Cindylouwhoooo

    I was thinking about you and wondering how things were going just the other day. Glad you're okay, sorry about the accident, and about your neighbours moving -- you'll miss them.

    Hope that if the job is good you get it -- don't you just hate the waiting?!


  2. Glad you're okay. I will be requiring photographic evidence of said Halston top.

  3. I've been thinking about you CindyLou. I hope you got the job and that you're 100% after the car accident. I'm sorry your neighbors are gone...I know how close you guys are. Be well!!