21 May 2012


So yesterday I walked across the stage in the commencement exercise. Yay.

That was 4 hours of my life I will never get back. Also, I was so hungry by the time it was over that I ate food without properly researching the ingredients. I will probably pay for that with a massive outbreak from hidden citric acid.

So, how do I feel now that I am a college graduate?

I don't know yet. I've spent the day catching up on housework that sorely needed to be done. There is more to do, too.

I wish I could say I felt wiser. I just feel stubborn. (Or persistent. Whichever you prefer.)

Y'all have a nice day. Imma go clean my house. It's more fulfilling than writing papers, at least.


  1. Congratulations! Great accomplishment!

  2. I don't think having a degree makes you wiser or smarter, at least I know mine didn't. What it does give you is knowledge, employability and proof that you can stick shit out and follow through. So kudos for all that.