11 May 2012

Some days I wonder

Some days I wonder:

How in hell did I get on certain peoples' mass 'text-a-day' list? I really don't give a shit what your thought for the day is. I just delete your shit and wish you'd lose my number.
(Wait, I have a solution for that. Mr. Number blocks calls and texts, and can archive blocked texts in case you ever need them for court.)

I wonder if heaven is made of cake and pie and cookies? Because some cakes and pies and cookies taste positively heavenly to me.

I wonder if my favorite consignment stores in Dallas have gotten any good shoes in.

Do dogs have feelings?
(I believe so; you should see Mollie pout.)

Do elephants really remember EVERYTHING?

How can people really think the universe is going to explode in December when even the Maya people don't believe it and have calendars that go far beyond that date?
(Don't believe me? Do some research. They just discovered a workroom for Mayan prophets, scribes, and calendar-makers, about 1600 years old. They have only uncovered about a half of a percent of the site at most, and have already discovered Mayan calendars that cover the 14th, 15th, and 16th baktuns. I told y'all that the Mayan calendar that ends December 21 of this year only ended there because the calendar-maker's wife started bitching at him to come eat dinner and do his housework, and he died before he got back around to calendar-making.)

I wonder if this mechanic will REALLY have me out of here in two hours. I also wonder if he is REALLY going to get my air conditioner working.

I wonder if I'll ever use my degree. I doubt it. I have a degree in spanish and can't honestly say that I'm bilingual.

I wonder how my university gets away with graduating people with degrees in foreign languages when those people can't speak the language upon graduation.

I wonder if anybody at my university really reads the damned answers to those stupid ass mandatory surveys they made is do multiple times each semester. See, after 3 semesters of that shit, I just started randomly clicking shit and then letting them know (in the 'additional comments' section) that I had just randomly clicked shit because the survey was stupid. I never heard anything from anybody about it. Assholes.

I wonder if these folks would mind if I took a nap on their waiting room couch while they fix my car. Only one way to find out...


  1. I imagine the biggest bakery in heaven - with lots of wonderful cake and buttercream frosting :) And I hope you don't wake from your nap to find a new engine in your car instead of air conditioning :)

  2. I woke from my nap to the news that they had to do some redneck-body work to even get to my a/c parts. I've been here 2 hours (the original estimated time to repair) and they still done't have the old damaged part removed. moar nap please?

  3. I am of the firm belief that dogs have feelings. I've owned several over the course of my life and can tell when they are happy or sad and..well, um, they can tell when I am too. Maybe I'm that crazy dog lady down the street? LOL

    I hope you're long gone from the mechanics by now!