30 August 2012

At least it rained

I totally had this awesome video of the wind blowing through a cypress tree and the lily pads that I wanted to post today, but the fucking internet or my phone or something is not cooperating with me.

I know I've been complaining a lot lately, and I just spent time yesterday walking the doggie and enjoying the moment. I sat down on the end of the pier at the boat launch here where we live in the swamp. I got caught up in the moment. The moment was stunning, with the branches of the cypress trees swaying in the early winds that preceded Isaac, spanish moss waving at me across the water. The lily pads danced on the surface of the water. The doggie sat there quietly, for the moment forgetting to bark at the wind.

I tried repeatedly to upload the damned video I shot with my phone. It never successfully uploaded. I will keep trying, because I want to share that moment with you. It was beautiful.

As for those pre-Isaac winds? Isaac didn't hit us hard. It brought us some wind, nothing major. Thank heaven it brought us some rain. Most of it is a drizzle, but I'll take it. We need the rain. They're saying we'll get more tomorrow. I hope so. The world always feels so fresh after the rain.


  1. I love rain so much and it has been a very dry summer in the rainforest over here, that's what I can tell you. I am just counting the days, but apparently there is none in sight until at least next week ...

    1. We got a little rain. Now, the heat is absolutely fucking brutal. ugh.