01 November 2012

Be glad I was too grossed out for pics

I went to work with Sunshine today, because "My name is Cindy and I pick up rocks".

I pick up rocks and move them from the truck to this pile, then from this pile to that pile, then from that pile to a pile way the fuck over there, and then from that pile way the fuck over there to a pallet, where they will finally be allowed to rest.

I digress.

The owners of the home we were working on have chickens. Cage-free chickens. Yep, free-range chickens that shit all over the fucking place. Including: the middle of our work area and on our equipment.

That's right. On our equipment. Unfortunately, I didn't see it until it was too late.

As I was coiling up the hose for the air compressor so we could leave, I got a lovely smear of chickenshit on my pants.

Chickens? Are fucking nasty.

I considered throwing the pants away. That's how fucking disgusted I was.

Nasty ass fucking chickens.

Imma go yarf now.