12 November 2012

My dog does the cutest shit

I mentioned the other day that dog toys pop up in unusual places. I feel like it's worth talking about, because it really is cute.

Of course, when we got rid of the old sofa, we found a plethora of dog toys under, behind, and inside it. (It was bolted to the floor, it's not like I could dig under or behind it. Don't judge.) I constantly find the toys outside, where she apparently hides the toys when we are playing chase the toy. I find toys on the new couch, and under the pillows of the new couch. I have found toys in the laundry basket, in the floor on Sunshine's side of the bed, just outside the shower, on the stove, in the car, on (and in) the bed, and in the cutest place ever:

I once went to turn down the bed and found a dog toy on each pillow.

I died.

Our little baby had placed her version of a mint on our pillows.

How precious is that?


  1. Heh ... very cute. very adorable.

  2. That is possibly the sweetest thing ever!

  3. She wants to tell you how much she appreciates each of you! =)

  4. I want pictures! I can't believe there was one on each pillow. That is adorable.

    1. I totally SUCK for not taking pictures, don't I? I swear, her squeaky teddy bear was on Sunshine's pillow, and her squeaky centipede was on mine. I died.