20 December 2012

I give up

The wind has been hammering the magic bus all night. It sounds like some

(OK, apparently my phone is on crack and didn't post the whole story, so here it is)

It sounds like some #endofdays shit out there, and this is the third time it has waked (woken) me up.

I give up.

When the wind has waked me up three times through my semi-sedated state (hey, if I don't take benadryl, I don't sleep), and I just can't get back to sleep. If you guys could hear this shit, you wouldn't sleep either.

The bus is rocking, the awning is popping, the windows are creaking with the strain. I'm surprised we still have power. We didn't have winds like this when Lee came through, and Lee set all of East Texas to burning from a couple of small fires.

I'm sure we'll be fine. I just can't sleep with all the noise. We've survived much stronger winds here in the magic bus. But I still wish y'all could hear this #endofdays sounding hullabaloo we've got going on out here. It sounds pretty impressive.


  1. Like what?!?!! What!! Tell meeee! The suspense is killing me here!


    1. Apparently, my phone is still high on crack. I fixed the post for you, because that was fucked up of my phone to cut that story off like that.

  2. I tried to comment the first time this popped up and I was like, what? A tornado??? But then my post didn't go through and I was all, dear Lord she blew away! But that didn't make sense! Sorry the wind kept you from sleeping. I have to take Benadryl and Melatonin to sleep and I still got up at 4:00 because of the front moving through. Stupid weather!!!! Why won't it settle down??

    1. Perhaps the weather is preparing us for the imminent explosion of the universe as predicted by the Maya?