23 December 2012

It just doesn't feel like The Christmas

It doesn't feel like The Christmas this year.

Maybe because it's been around 70 degrees lately. Maybe it's because I did most of my shopping online and haven't been exposed to the madness and the mayhem and decorations at the malls and shit.

Or maybe it's because there has been a seismic shift in my thinking lately. When I set out to minimize, I began looking beyond just minimizing the amounts of stuffs and things that are in my house. I started thinking about my impact on the planet, I started thinking about rampant consumerism; and I started realizing that there is a lot of ad-man created bullshit in our society.

So, I suppose I am going to go play some The Christmas music on Pandora, and hope that it helps it feel more like The Christmas. If all else fails, maybe the cold rainy shit they are predicting for The Christmas Day will make it feel more like it should feel.

Anybody got any suggestions on how to make it feel more like The Christmas?


  1. I was just back in Texas to visit family and it didn't feel like Christmas to me. Last night we went driving to see Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music. Maybe that will help. Or watch a Christmas movie. Elf always does it for me.

    1. Oh yes! Marshall has a big who ha with lots of lites and an ice skating rink