16 January 2013

I have got to start paying attention

I managed to delete my post about thundersleet. I wonder what the fuck other stupid shit I have done that I didn't notice I was doing.

If I'd just pay attention, I wouldn't be sitting here wondering what the hell happened to my house keys. If I'd just pay attention, I wouldn't text Sunshine that I bought some happen when I really meant to tell him that I bought some half and half (fuck you very much, autocorrect). If I'd pay attention, I'd take my medicine on time.

Oh well, at least I still manage to find my way home, even if I can't find the keys to let myself in.


  1. Hmmm, wonder what is going on in that wonderous mind of yours? It must be the thunder sleet! I'm glad you managed to find your way home. Now your crappy weather is headed my way. Barf!

    1. the weather has certainly contributed to a sense of ennui, which exacerbates my already lazy tendencies.