02 April 2013

Further efforts to minimalize

Alternate title: More bits and bobs for Tia.

We got an entertainment center this weekend. The teevee no longer sits on a coffee table that strains under the weight of a 52" monstrosity. (Yes, I absolutely realize the ridiculousness of having a 52" teevee in an RV. I like ridiculousness.) The new entertainment center has STORAGE. This means that some of Sunshine's stuffs and things are now hidden away in a nifty unit that was built to hide entertainment components but was too small to hold our satellite receiver/DVR unit. Oh, well, overall I would have to call it a great success.

As I started packing away all of Sunshine's piles of books and shit, I uncovered a whole pile of bits and bobs that I have been meaning to ship off to my craftiest friend, Tia. So, I put them all in a restaurant-sized frozen french-fry box and wrapped the box in a 50 pound Domino sugar bag from the same restaurant. Now, I just have to get off my ass and go to the post office, but the local post office closed almost an hour and a half ago (and it is only 3;30 in the afternoon as I write this).

I suppose this means that I will have to get off my ass tomorrow in the rain they say is coming and drive my ass to the UPS place somewhere nearby. Is there a UPS place nearby? I fucking hope so, I have some shoes to ship off to TerraCycle and an item to ship off for extended warranty claim. (Turns out that there is a UPS store not too far from me. WOOHOO!)

I am glad to get some more things and stuffs out of my house RV. It's not like we have that damn much space in here to begin with, and when Sunshine insists on filling every possible square inch with hunting stuffs and things (rather than put the hunting stuffs and things in the storage compartments UNDER the bus) then I quickly become overwhelmed by the mountains of winter hunting clothes and boxes of bullets and knives and gun-cleaning-kits and optics devices and bow-and-arrow sets and heaven-only-knows-what-else.

The good news is that Sunshine promises to get a fancy storage shed for our yard. The bad news? He refuses to do this until after he lays a flagstone patio, which he refuses to do until they come out and install the carport/roof/cover thing over the RV (and fuck if I know when that will happen--we only paid for the damn roof/carport/cover thing a week and a half ago).

The whole experience of getting the entertainment center installed inspired me to clean out the fridge. I won't go into details, but I will say that something should have inspired me to investigate those Rubbermaid containers quite some time ago. I have no idea why the hell there was peanut butter in a plastic container in our fridge, nor do I have any clue when it arrived there; needless to say, both the container and the peanut butter are long gone.

Slowly but surely, I continue to progress down the path of minimalism and intentional living. I am continuing to re-evaluate all my stuffs and things (I'm down to a frighteningly small number of pairs of shoes these days), and I am starting to think of my impact on the planet in other ways. I may never get as far down this path as I would like, but at least I am on the journey.


  1. Totally not ridiculous to have a large TV. For me it's a must. I have to see every detail in HD!!! =P

    Hey, when you're laid out sick all the time, there has to be something to entertain you, right? So, I say spoil yourself somewhere in life.

    Huh, I just made this comment about me. Let's move on to you, shall we?

    I'm so glad you guys got the entertainment center. I love to organize and put things in just the right place. I'll bet you made Tia a happy camper too.

    I'm glad you're still working towards minimalism. Go you!

    1. I would totally get rid of at least 847 more pounds of things just from the kitchen alone if Sunshine wouldn't throw a shit fit over how few _____________ (insert random kitchen item here) we have. Like drinking glasses. Two people do not need 13 glasses to drink out of. Somehow, we have two full sets (minus the one I broke). We also have an entire spice aisle in the cupboard. We have too much shit.

  2. We go on "possession purges" at least twice a year. More, if my MIL decides to "gift" us the stuff she's trying to get out of HER house. I have the clothing/books/household items drop boxes mapped out here in town so I can make my rounds after she visits. :) I hate clutter and I hate seeing things go to waste, so if I can re-home the stuff we no longer use, it makes me happy. (Especially the kids' clothes and toys. Oy do they grow out of stuff so fast!)