12 November 2010

Syd Hydro on getting paid to basically do nothing

So I am at work yesterday, which is a challenge in and of itself, because I am a stagehand.  Being a stagehand is physically demanding, an endurance test.  You have to know that my forty year old ass was dying in those flat heel shoes I had to wear all god damned day.  Fucking OSHA.  I got to work with my usual audio crew of Vaughn Elliot or Elliot Vaughn or whatever he calls himself, and Syd Hydro.  Syd Hydro is a bass player by trade, stagehand by default when he isn't playing a gig.  (I swear his name really is Syd Hydro.  It is not a stage name.  He was just born and named under some sort of magical, mystical cosmic alignment or some shit.)  When the three of us are assigned to the audio department, it is sort of a technicolor version of the Three Stooges or something.  We are idiots.  We do the job and we do it well and we do it safely to boot.  We just have a good time doing it.

Back to the point.  So we are about 6 hours into the day, and we reach that point when, according to the touring personnel we were working with, we "basically get paid to stand around and do nothing".  As soon as the supervisors are ALL out of earshot, Syd Hydro, Bassmaster, informs us that he "can walk around like an idiot all day long."  Which was funny as fuck to all of us.  Until Syd Hydro realized that I had tweeted it as a direct quote from him.  Then it was almost a little bit of fire-breathing, head-spinning, kitchen knife wielding psycho stalker beast.  Until he got honest and admitted that it WAS funny as shit.

I forget that sometimes it is fucking beautiful to look at the world from behind somebody else's eyes.  I am all pissed off because my feet hurt and Syd Hydro reminds me that I am just another douchebag in an endless procession of douchebags.  That's life in the glamorous business of live event production.

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