30 May 2011

Feeling like an Idiot. For real.

So I'm working Mudbug Madness yesterday, and our next act, The Matthew Davidson Band, is getting ready to start performing, when this guy walks up and starts talking to my boss.  Introductions are made, and I invite this nice gentleman into Russian Air Space.

Now, let me explain Russian Air Space to you:  when I first began in the business of live event production, the guy who was training me would always put black gaff tape on the edges of his Front of House mix location and label it "Russian Air Space" to keep people out.  At mudbug madness, drunks tend to invade any shaded space they can find.  Maybe not all of them are drunks, but some of them are certainly weird as hell.  So I strung up caution tape around my FOH location (nobody would give me any crime scene tape) and put down black gaff labeled "Russian Air Space".

Turns out this nice gentleman was none other than Dan Garner.  (I understand the implications of that statement after googling him the day after this event).  When he stepped out of earshot to shoot some video of The Matthew Davidson Band, I asked my boss if Dan Garner was a musician or something.  The boss says to me "you could say that" and kind of gently laughed.  I felt a little silly.  I feel even sillier today.

In my defense, he doesn't act like some bigshot.  Just a down to earth guy with some really great boots and not above crawling around on a stage to keep the band's tip money from blowing off in the wind.

I suppose it is time I started learning about the people and things that make Shreveport, and the rest of the Ark-La-Tex, what they are.

So I'll start with this link to a video of The Matthew Davidson Band because in spite of my training, I got excited about this kid.  The audio quality sucks because it is cell-phone video, for which I apologize.

I also apologize to Dan Garner for not knowing who he is.  Here's his blog if you are one of the few who doesn't know who he is.

I also learned a valuable lesson from Dan Garner when he posted these pictures where you can see that I am definitely not a natural redhead.  So I guess he got me back for not knowing who he was ; )

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