23 September 2011

Know your own power

Today, I knew my own power. And I owned it.

I had intended to wear my new Armani pants and Missoni shifting today, but then I popped a couple of stitches in the seam of the pants while crawling around in the floor trying to get the dog out the door. The pants weren't even tight--they are a little bit loose. I was pissed.

So I reached in the closet and grabbed my only pair of jeans and a knit top that I know flatters my figure. I did NOT put on any make-up. And yet, I KNEW I looked good anyway.

I got tons of compliments today, telling me how nice I looked. Sometimes, it really is ok to be comfortable in my own skin, and to know I look good.

I hope each of you finds that feeling. Because you absolutely deserve it.