10 September 2011

Updates on the East Texas wildfires and #bandaid

I don't think the fires themselves have lessened. Last estimate I read for the monster burning just west of me was 45000 acres and counting. However, we believe that it has moved far enough south that we are quite safe for a while.

There are many who are not, however. And it looks like there is no relief in sight.

I read an article this morning about all this TEXAS IS BURNING mess, and it says that La Nina appears to be forming again, and that the peak of Texas wildfire season hasn't even arrived yet. It looks like I am in for at least a year of stinky car from not throwing cigarettes out the window.
Small price to pay to try and save all of us from more of this hell we've been living through with this TEXAS IS BURNING mess.

For now, at least, we are safe here in our magic bus in the swamps of East Texas. Although I don't know that you can call it a swamp anymore, since it is so dry that even my tiny puppy's footsteps kick up massive clouds of dust.

I'm off to try and study for this finance exam I've got coming up next week, and to read and love on all the posts over at Band Back Together. The Band is one year old. How's that for the awesome antidote to worrying about fire? We call it #bandaid. Go get you some, we'd love to have you.

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