11 September 2011

Will the fires never end?

While I still believe that we are safe here in our magic bus, at least for the time being, I just got a text from a friend who lives southwest of me. There is a fire burning near them and her neighbor is talking about evacuating. Holy Mary, Mother of God, is this going to end anytime soon?

The firefighters all over Texas are tired. They and their equipment are being pushed far beyond what any of them are built to withstand. Heaven help Texas. I don't know how much more it can take.

This feels selfish, but I'm going to say it anyway. Thank heaven we appear to be safe for now.


  1. If it's selfish, then I'm selfish too. I am grateful for your safety and continue to hold you in my thoughts.
    Open the floodgates, heavens!

  2. You have a right to feel relieved. It is a feeling, no more, no less. not selfish, not selfless. Feeling bad for others would be empathy, not wishing things upon yourself. Kind of the same only opposite.

    I remember when my sister's area was surrounded by flames. It seemed like it was all summer long that they had to be prepared to flee. It's exhausting, even (and maybe especially?) for those who are not actually fighting the flames.

    Stay safe, beautiful. <3