21 October 2011

It's sad when the highlights of my day involve a cemetery and my dog stealing my toy

I'm taking this geography class that has me doing fieldwork in a cemetery for a professor who is involved in the preservation of the cemetery. It's actually a neat class, and I am enjoying it quite much.

I'm not creeped out by cemeteries. Cemeteries are where the dead rest. Cemeteries are peaceful places.

(It's the neighborhood and performance hall on either side of this particular cemetery that creep me out, but that's an issue for another post.)

Today, we didn't get to spend a great deal of time in the cemetery because we ran out of the blank forms we have to fill out. That's OK, I think i'll be able to take the course again in the spring. Even though we weren't there long, I did enjoy the peace and quiet.

Then I went to pick up my dog from the vet. She had to go in for her regularly scheduled vaccinations. When they released her back to me, we went to the dog toy section of the pet store and picked out a new toy for Mollie. She and I liked a small stuffed giraffe that squeaks, and I got it for her. At checkout, the adorable young man talked me into buying a large stuffed squeaky dog for myself (the proceeds help support homeless animals) and I brought my Roy home and put it on the bed.

Mollie found it and took it. I can't even be mad because the damn toy is much bigger than my dog. It was too cute watching this tiny little puppy run around with this large stuffed dog hanging from her teeth.

Those were the highlights of my day. Mr. Sunshine, well, once again, he was too busy dealing with everything but me to come home and spend time with me and my puppy. But that's an issue for another post.

Imma go wrestle my puppy for my toy.

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  1. I love that idea of a dog playing with a toy that IS a dog that is bigger than the dog itself. It is rather like mini-me getting Dr Whateverhewascalled in a headlock. The pure glee.