24 October 2011

thank heaven for doctors who LISTEN

So I got hurt at work Saturday. The job steward tried to get me to go get checked then and there, but because I thought most of my pain was just discomfort from being in flat shoes, I said "nah, I think I'm OK."

I am so glad my job steward is exactly who he is. When I called him today, he was very understanding, and told me that if anybody gave me any shit about waiting 2 days to start the workers comp claim process, I was to refer them to him.

I got fortunate that the doctor is one of those doctors who is ahead of his time, and LISTENS when the patient says "I am a recovering addict, so if we can avoid narcotics, that would be a plus." That doesn't happen often. Too many times, I have told a doctor that I am a recovering addict and been handed a scrip for loritabs.

Loritab is NOT what you want to give a recovering addict.

The doctor gave me a lesser med, which is helping with the pain just enough that I can get through my day in a fairly normal manner.

It's nice to know that some doctors are sensitive to the "special issues" of treating recovering addicts. Whether they really understand addiction or not, I may never know, but it's nice to know that they listen and treat the issue with the sensitivity and respect it merits. To have been treated for trauma and pain by a doctor that handles recovery in a dignified and respectful manner is what I am grateful for today.

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