30 October 2011

My most "fun" pair of shoes

This pair of ankle boots is my most fun pair of shoes. They are the most amazing color of yellow, bright and happy, like sunshine. These were one of last year's trophies on the opening day of "shoe season", which just so happened to coincide with the opening day of deer season.

That's right, shoe season. I know that every year, for those last 2 months, I am pretty much going to be ignored. Hunting is his mistress for those two months. I can mostly live with it, because he gives me Christmas, and most of thanksgiving. Last year, I was given some cash to go shoe shopping on opening day.

I saw these booties in my favorite "fast fashion" shoe store. I LOVE yellow, but cannot wear it next to my face. It does horrible things to my complexion. These booties, however, have no negative effects on my complexion. These booties make me smile from ear to ear.

The yellow is so bright that you almost wonder where I hide the batteries. They pop like MAD against any pants or jeans. These ankle boots are just plain fun.


  1. Yummy! I love shoes that are coloured, despite my aversion to most other coloured clothes. There is something fantastic about the way they pop out. These are very very fine. And I recently, last year in fact, bought my first pair of ankle boots and loved them. They were cheap so they didn't last long but they were great to pop on as I ran out of the house. I can see why they'd be a favourite.

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I'm so jealous. :)

  3. I generally don't do yellow for that same reason. I get all washed out and look jaundiced. But oooh how I covet those boots. Now I want to go shoe shopping!

  4. Oh, those are a dose of happy! Yellow is like a drug to me in the depths of the Portland gray and rainys.

  5. Joules, yellow is my happy color, it's like sunshine. Everybody else, try amiclubwear.com for "fast fashion" shoes.