29 October 2011

The most newest pair. I hate having to waste money like this.

I bought these just last weekend, at my favorite job steward's request. He generally pretends not to see what I have on my feet, but last weekend the touring crew chief made it a point to say something about my shoes in front of my job steward. The job steward pulled me aside and requested that I get some damn work shoes because of the comments he constantly got from touring crews. Because I love mt job steward so much, I bought these sneakers.

I tried on lots of black sneakers. Tommy
Hilfiger, Guess, heaven knows what else. They were all so uncomfortable I could have screamed. I finally found this pair on clearance and snatched them up to shut the touring crews up.

I hate having to waste shoe money on this shit. I hate having to give up a cool pair if shoes to bring these damned things into my house. These shoes piss me off.

I hate theses shoes.

So, Ass Muppet, there is my least favorite pair.


  1. Bwa ha ha! I have a pair of those too!!! But they are only bought because of my work ... mom.

    I'll betcha you might enjoy John Fluevog's shoes. I used to wear this one pair until they died and replaced them with the exact same pair. It was the stitching that did it for me, despite the practicality. Wait! Let me see if I can find them ... these were mine ... http://tinyurl.com/66jknc9 but you should think about getting these: http://tinyurl.com/6j6mddg -- a good, solid work shoe. Whatever you do, don't look at the sale items. I might have to finally pick up a pair of boots -- the ones at the end there. Yum!

  2. I like the black ones, they'd work for "show blacks"!