26 October 2011

My oldest pair of shoes. At least I think they're the oldest.

So I sent out a call to the band's party line the other day, asking who wore size 7 to 7 1/2 shoes. To make a long story short, Ass Muppet wants shoe porn, so you get shoe porn. I was going to do the whole "collection" in one blog post, but my laptop is still down so that is kind of hard to do right now. So you get an individual post for each pair. That should cover us for a month of posts, plus a little extra once I figure out this WTF Wednesday link-up thing for Mushroom Printing.

My oldest pair of shoes (I think they're my oldest) is a pair of Steve Madden point-toe black suede stiletto pumps. My Mr. Sunshine bought them for me after he won a few dollars on a slot machine one night. That was about three and a half years ago.

I love these shoes, even if they are starting to look like I've had them for three and a half years. I am so afraid I'll never find another pair this perfect (that my broke ass can afford) that I had these re-soled early this year. These shoes are THAT comfortable.

So, Ass Muppet, I give you my oldest pair of shoes.


  1. SEXY!

    I almost dread finding a pair of shoes I adore, simply because I know some day they'll no longer be with me. I had a pair of black slides I ADORED and have tried to replace... six time? Yeah, didn't work. Nothing's measured up. *sigh*

  2. Those shoes are one of my staples in my smallish collection. I wear them until there are holes in them and the suede on the heels is peeled half-way up (because at some point I can't get to the shoe doctor to get those back tips replaced.

    These are also the exact kind of shoes that were my grandmonster's shoes. Say what I will about that woman, she most definitely had that downtown style going for her.

    Did you know that both of my grandmothers and my mom were all career women (and successful in their chosen professions). Figures I would become a stay-at-home mom!!!

    (well now. That's weirdly segued, eh?)

    ps. I am going to love Cindy's Shoe Porn Posts.

  3. Rawr! And you can probably do crazy stagehand setup shit in those too, huh?
    Me, I can barely make it from one room to another in heels like those. But I wanna be that girl someday...

  4. Joules, yes. I can lay out a concert stage in 5"of heels.
    Karen and Chibi, a good pair of black shoes is definitely a must. I dread the day these have to be replaced.

  5. Oh the mischief I could make in those shoes. They just scream sexy! (says she in the sweats and slippers. what? it's early!) Love those!