28 October 2011

Oops. This pair is also new. And what a score they were!

I accidentally told a lie yesterday. My sincerest apologies.

I forgot about this pair. Missoni for Target suede pumps, new with tags, found at Goodwill for $6.99. I couldn't believe it. Those Missoni for Target items are going for two to three times retail on ebay. They came into my possession a few days after the lovely kitten heel I posted yesterday, but I haven't worn them yet so I forgot about them.

So when i came aceoss them in the Goodwill store, I snatched them up, even though I didn't need any more black pumps. I couldn't help myself.

They actually are pretty comfortable, with a padded insole. Also a plus: leather soles.

I'm going to wear these today.


  1. I saw those at my Target and they were on sale even, but they were only in size omfg tiny. Score indeed!

  2. Joules, I'm sorry they didn't have your size. They're quite comfy.