08 November 2011

Every woman needs a little bad-ass in her wardrobe

Who doesn't like to feel a little tough, a little bit bad-ass, every now and then? We all need a little bad-ass in our wardrobe. A leather jacket, a tough looking piece of jewelry, an animal print shoe, something that gives an outfit a bit of an edge.

So I give you my leopard print pump. These are from Nine West, the most common brand in my shoe collection. The beauty of an animal print shoe, beyond that little bit of "flava" they add to an outfit, is that it is a neutral. That's right, animal prints are neutrals, and go with pretty much everything. And they attract attention, in a good way.

Keep in mind that all of this is true only if it is a print that actually occurs in nature in a color combination that actually occurs in nature. Which means that a pink and purple zebra stripe isn't going to work.

I am a bigger believer in having an animal print pump than I am in having a red FMP. I don't currently have a red FMP in my collection, but I have a leopard print pump. My next "mission" is going to be finding a great snake-skin (or leather with a snakeskin print) bag. Which will never be found in the same outfit as the leopard print pump. Because while animal print is good, it is best used in moderation.

1 comment:

  1. My shoes are hiding in shame at the sight of your awesome collection. You would probs go barefoot rather than wear my shoes. I might need some assistance in this area. Oy.