09 November 2011

We got rain

This is a big deal because we have had so little rain this year. We have a lake that is slowly drying up, trees that are turning brown months before the traditional autumn changing of the leaves, and ground so dry it is cracked. My tiny puppy's little feet kick up clouds of dust when she cavorts around the neighborhood.

So today, I am taking a break from my shoe porn to post a picture of my yard looking like a pond. Because this is such a big improvement over the "ring of fire" I wrote about for weeks.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. There is no way I could live where you do. I mean, when we get into our second solid week of sun (not right now, thankfully) I start to wither. I like it wet, I like it cool. I like the clouds, the wind, the damp. Even when I am cold wet and miserable I will take it over a scorcher.

    So. You can have Texas, that's for certain. Meanwhile, I'ma do a rain dance to keep your precipitation falling. <3