05 November 2011

My purple shoes. Because purple should be a flavor, damnit.

This is another pair that kicked in my shoe-shopping autopilot. Seen through the window of the local Nine West store, these shoes made me squee or something. They are a rich shade of purple suede and have mega-heels. I had no trouble finding my size in this shoe, thank heaven.

These shoes used to be my "go-to" shoes for having the tailor pin pants for hemming, until I realized that it made my pants a wee bit too long to wear with "normal" heel shoes like yesterday's pair. So now I take a "normal" heel pair with me to the tailor, which leaves me able to still wear these shoes with most of my pants.

Something about these shoes just makes me feel a little bit empowered, more so than my usual feeling in a good shoe. Maybe it's the color. Purple is the color of royalty. (Long ago and far away, the western Europeans had no knowledge of indigo dyes, so they had no blue. Once they "discovered" indigo dyes, it was a status symbol to wear blue or purple clothes, because it was very expensive to ship that shit across entire continents to get it to europe.)

I love wearing these beautiful purple shoes with unexpected colors. Green, grey, & black argyle cashmere sweater? Purple shoes. Red in my outfit? Purple shoes. The shoes pop like mad and make any color I'm wearing seem brighter and more intense. Of course, these shoes pretty much horrified my mom, who wears a metric fucktonne of greys, blacks, and other neutrals (very elegant color scheme, by the way). She was even more horrified to see that I intended to wear them with an "ultramarine" (carribbean blue) sweater. My sister was a bit horrified of that combination, too. (Yes, I changed shoes just for them. Sometimes we make small concessions to keep the peace.)

Every woman should have certain basics in her shoe wardrobe: BBs (basic blacks), brown (coming in tomorrow's post), at least one great pair of boots, you guys know the drill. But every woman should also have a few other "staples" in her shoe wardrobe. Red FMPs (fuck me pumps). A great animal print (which is a neutral and goes with everything--except other animal prints) (mine are coming soon, probably after tomorrow's not-so-basic browns). And every woman should have a pair of purple shoes.

Think about it. Purple is made from blue and red. Which means it is neither a "warm" nor "cool" color. Which means it "goes" with almost everything, and your shoes don't have to MATCH your outfit--they have to "go". Also, purple is the color of royalty. And who doesn't want to feel like a queen?


  1. I haven't had a pair of purples in a long, long time. I once had some blue suedes that brought me immense pleasure, particularly this one new year's eve at which time I worked in the city's rhythm & blues bar slinging shots and wore them while selling sambucas laced with curacao. I mean, who doesn't want to sell a shooter that matches their shoes.

    Note: the tequila and B52s still sold much, much better.

  2. I've never had purple shoes, which is a crying shame considering it's my favourite colour.