04 November 2011

Most common brand in my shoe collection? Nine West. Here's my most "delicate" pair.

There is a Nine West factory store at the Louisiana Boardwalk close by, and it seems to be the quickest, most acceptable solution when my Mr. Sunshine asks "do you want some new shoes?" I have 7 (seven) pairs of Nine West shoes at the moment, ranging from point-toe stilettos to platform sandals to platform peep-toe pumps.

I call this pair "delicate" for a couple of reasons. The pattern is just beautiful, large blue and purple watercolor-ish roses with bold black outlines. The upper is some sort of fabric, and would be highly susceptible to stains if I didn't regularly spray them with fabric protecting stain repellent stuff. And I had to have them re-soled within a few months of buying them. The shoe repair guy hooked me up proper, though, and they now have a rubber sole that should last me a good long while.

I saw this pair in the window on my way past the store one afternoon and went on autopilot. I went in the store, straight to this shoe, and when I couldn't find my size I almost cried. Thank heaven for Jimmy Shoe, the most delightful employee that the Nine West store has. He found my size! I love Jimmy Shoe. His name really is Jimmy, and among some women around town, he is known as Jimmy Shoe, because, obviously.

I feel so "ladylike" when I am wearing these shoes. I love this pretty little pair of delicate shoes.

More Nine West shoes to follow in the coming days. I might as well get them all in a string of posts.


  1. Hard-core crushing on these - they're GORGEOUS! (Although, at this point, I think I've said that about EVERY pair you've posted. You've got some great taste, woman!)

  2. I want a tattoo with this pattern, maybe a band around my ankle.

  3. These are beautiful. My 2nd job I ever had, when I was 16? Nine West, baby. I thought of it when you posted about your surprise pair. When a customer asks for a shoe, we have to bring that, a similar pair, plus a "surprise" shoe. Ha!
    Also? 40% discount and job requirement to wear current season footwear? Lordy.

  4. Wench, you have just made me want to go ask Jimmy Shoe for a job application.

  5. I loved 9 west for a long time because they made shoes that were actually day-long wearable. But then I thought they sold the store to a bigger business and things seemed to shift and the shoes hurt mah tootsies. But, you know, that might have been my way of slowing down on the shoe lust thing, so I may have to wind my way back there one of these days ...