29 November 2011

The shoes that just won't go away

Grey suede Vince Camuto pumps. I keep saying I'm going to get rid of these shoes, and I keep pulling them back put of my car because they are a nice grey pump. I would rather have a grey point toe pump, but who can afford new shoes right now? So these shoes keep finding their way back into my shoe collection. They do have a bit of a 40s feel to them, or something. So I'll be wearing these tomorrow, with a grey sweater and grey trousers. Because I like monochromatic outfits--they make me feel elegant. (Well, at least until I scream "shut your whore mouth" or "fuck you"at at somebody.)
So these are the shoes that won't go away.


  1. When you're done, you should get a group shot of all the shoes. I'm impressed you can fit them all in the magic bus:)

  2. Um, yup. Screaming obscenities always takes the shine offa my more elegant looks, especially on the rare occasion I pull my hair into a chignon (or something like that). I have a pair of camel suede pumps that I can't seem to shake ...

  3. I't sooooo difficult to throw away shoes. I have tried it and regreted it.

    I think screaming obscenities will make you look more elegant and classy. Sort of like a modern day Patsy from Ab Fab :-)