30 November 2011

I hate onions

I had on the most beautiful outfit today, and I was so excited to come home, get a picture of myself in this beautiful outfit, and post it here. For Joules. Because she once mentioned that she would enjoy a vicarious fashion fix.

So the outfit. Beautiful grey silk-blend wide leg dress trousers from Armani, given to me by my neighbor, brand new with tags. Where she comes up with these clothes, I don't know and I don't ask too many questions. Wherever it is, I can guarantee it's legitimate.

Back to the outfit. Some chocolate cashmere camisole I picked up at a consignment shop in perfect condition. Grey New York & Company sweater that feels so late 70s or early 80s with raglan sleeves and fitted lower torso. The grey Vince Camuto pumps from yesterday's post.

And before my Mr. Sunshine could get a picture taken of me, we went to eat dinner at our neighbor & dear friend's house. Some sort of sausage with Philly steak sandwich style grilled onions and green peppers. Mind you, I don't too much like onions, but this man had cooked food for me, so I wasn't being bitchy about the onions.

Even after one of the grease soaked onions dropped from the sandwich and bounced off those brand new $900 pants.

Let's hope I can get that grease out. Otherwise, I'll cry. Those pants felt amazing today.

So, any tips in case this baby shampoo doesn't do the trick?

Also, sorry, Joules. I'll get a picture early Friday morning of something equally fabulous, before I have a chance to fuck it up somehow.

1 comment:

  1. I fucking love onions, but today they are dead to me. Damn onions keeping me from vicarious fashion fixes.
    I love you so hardcore for trying. Can't wait to see what you come up with.