01 November 2011

WTF Wednesday rant. I know it's only Tuesday. It'll be all right.

So over at Mushroom Printing, they have started a link-up. Every Wednesday we're going to rant. So here I go.

This "thwap" is for fashion magazines that STILL have no concept of what affordable fashion is for most of the world.

The current issue of Marie Claire's "Splurge vs. Steal" feature begins with a $9600 look from Dior. OK, so far I'm with you.

Three similar outfits are featured in the steal part. Outfit number one has an $89 blazer, $36 sunglasses, $118 shoes, I'm still with them. Then I get to the $375 skirt.
Um, what?

Maybe outfit number two will be better.

Nope, it leads with a $575 blazer and contains a $308 skirt and $350 shoes.
WTF? Steal? Really? The only way I could afford this shit is if I STEAL it.

Outfit number three is the closest to reasonable, with a $99 blazer, $99 sunglasses, $195 skirt, and $275 shoes.

Who the fuck can afford any of this shit? This is not a "steal". This shit enrages me, and as much as I do love watching Nina Garcia on Project Runway, shit like this "Splurge vs. Steal" feature showing us expensive-ass clothes just makes me want to kick her in the taco.

Or give her a mushroom print.


  1. I don't know about where you are but where I am we can buy stuff at real wearhouse sales these days, which helps. But $300 for boots on sale is insanity, and we've all seemingly bought into it. Listen. If my wage has not changed or improved much since the '90s and I couldn't buy $300 boots then, when I didn't have kids, chances are I also can't buy them now.

    I am so busy trying to figure out who can buy these things (and in my area, houses, which are 3x what they were 10 years ago). Who?!

    Besides, have you bought any of these things thinking that for $300 you might at least get quality, only to have the item last a week or a season?!

    It's enough for me to get out the old sewing machine and start making my own stuffz. Aaand ... that might mean i have to learn to sew. Ugh. Haaaalp!

  2. Yes! Yes! I loathe 'fashion' mags these days. I'd rather buy something for $300 that's going to last a lifetime or I better be able to wear it EVERYDAY for a year or more.
    Somewhere along the way, I heard Gwyneth Paltrow has a blog along these lines. "You can have affordable fashion-like these $500 jeans." Sorry, G, that's not affordable. For anyone in my income range.
    Grrrr. Just GRRRRRR.