02 November 2011

My most "surprising" pair

This pair kind of looks like it doesn't necessarily belong to the same person as the rest of my shoes. I mean, cowboy boots next to all those point-toe stilettos, platform pumps and sandals, and delicate slingbacks.

I asked for these at christmas last year to have some sort of happy medium to wear to work. They also work nicely for riding the Harley with my Mr. Sunshine.

So what if they're a little "out-of-character" for me? I like them, and that's what matters.


  1. Bwa ha ha ha! I LOVES me mah cowboy boots! There's something about boots like that that are just so wrong they are right.

    And nope. Not out of character at all.

  2. I kinda dig them. Mostly, I dig the reasoning behind the boots. :)

  3. My favorite job steward calls them my "hooker heels".