11 December 2011

Get me out of here

It's one of those days when living in the magic bus sucks.

Some fucking genius wired the electrical in this bus in the most fucked up way imaginable. Every single fucking outlet in the bus is on one circuit, with the exception of the microwave. Which means that if we are running the two ceramic electric heaters overnight, we have to turn one off to run the coffeepot. If we don't, we trip the breaker. If we are running the window unit a/c, I have to turn it off to run the vacuum. I can't run the hair dryer when the heaters or window unit a/c is running. If we want to use the crock pot, toaster oven, or iron, we have to turn off something else.

Which means that we are often cold as fuck while doing other stuffz. It is bullshit.

So on a day like today, when it's cold and we are trying to cook pot roast in the crock pot while smoking jerky, some things have to be unplugged. Like most things. No heaters and no crock pot while the fucking smoker is operating.

To add insult to injury, the pilot light for the gas hot water heater is malfunctioning.

I'm fucking freezing. This is bullshit.


  1. I'm sending warm thoughts, and a virtual electrician!

  2. Shit, dude: it might even be warmer up here in Canadialand, eh? Wanna come visit? ;)

  3. That blows, Cindy. We have electrical issues as well. Namely that if my daughter's nebulizer is running, nothing else can be. Or else we blow something or other and it takes about 2 weeks for the electrician to come fix it. We have three lights in the bathroom. Two of them are burnt out. Replacement bulbs are not found in this country. We're not sure where they are found. My eyebrows are a disaster.

    Thinking of you.

  4. OMG the same people wired our old house! Do these people wire these up and then sit around telling stories about "that one place we wired so that they could never ever use the microwave at the same time as the coffeepot" and shit?