12 December 2011

Beautiful birthday shoes

It's time for #doseofhappy Monday over at Band Back TogetherTogether.

These shoes were featured in an ad for DSW in Lucky Magazine right before my birthday a couple birthdays ago. I had been mildly depressed and couldn't figure out what I wanted for my birthday. Then I saw this ad.

DSW gets mad props from me for that visit. The shoe was featured prominently just inside the door, making them easy to buy so Sunshine didn't have to sit there for very long at all.

These shoes still make me smile, even though that birthday was a couple of birthdays ago.


  1. I am in love with those shoes! They aren't even mine and they make me happy!

  2. Those are magical! And even I could probs walk in them since they're a wedge. They must feel like slippers to you:)