19 December 2011

Happy Christmas, Mollie!

So I got a puppy for Valentine's Day, and boy was she a little bag of bones when Sunshine brought her home from the pound. I'm quite sure that they do the best they can with what they have to work with, but she was scrawny when she came to live with us. She isn't scrawny any more. She's a healthy little doggie now. Except she doesn't quite understand that she's a dog. She sleeps on her back with the covers pulled up to her chest and her little paws over the edge of them holding them in place.

It's her first Christmas with us, and Santa Paws has been hard at work. Like my dog understands Christmas presents, but whatever. It's Christmas, yo.

I wanted an ornament to commemorate her first Christmas with our pack. Except the local PetSmart had no dachshund ornaments. So I went on a mission to find a good ornament for my puppy's first Christmas.

I finally found a no-bake puppy paw impression kit to make an ornament. It's so cute how you can see the dirt from her paw in the impression.

Mr. Sunshine had to one-up me, though. He went to the cutesy little town of Jefferson TX, known for its antiques and gift shops, and found the most adorable glass dachshund ornament that is even a similar color to my Mollie. When I showed it to Mollie, she tried to eat it. That's what she thinks of Christmas, I guess: "where's me some treats?"

My puppy doesn't know how big she hit the jackpot when Sunshine brought her home to our magic bus. That's OK, she's the sweetest, most loving little doggie that ever was and I'm so excited to see what interests her most Christmas morning that I am squee-ing from it all.

So there is my does of happy for this Monday before Christmas.